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Poly Fiber

The Best Predictor Of Future Success Is Past Performance. With over 17 years of consumer credibility, polyester fibers represent some of the most innovative new products in the industry.

  • BLENDING SPINNING, NON-WOVEN CLOTH, SPINNING. Moisture Regain: Less than 0.1.2%
  • DENIER: 1.2 D | 1.4 D | 1.5 D | 2.5 D.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, Fabrics are extremely durable to normal wear and tear.
  • Solution-dyed Solution dyeing is the most “fast” of any coloring method on fibers and yarns.
  • Possess the lowest thermal conductivity of any natural or synthetic fiber.
  • Quick Dry. Fiber is hydrophobic and will not absorb water into the fiber.
  • Soap and water clean up. Chlorine bleach will not affect color or fabric, Easy-Care.
poly fiber

We welcome all commercial companies joined the green concept.

Our goal is to improve quality fiber and reduce costs for my customer !


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